Dusty the Klepto Kitty aka the burglar cat

Have you heard about thief cats? Me neither before reading this article. But Dusty the Klepto Kitty is here to shock us.
Dusty the Klepto Kitty is a domestic Snowshoe cat who gained notoriety in early 2011 for his acts of "cat burglary."
Snowshoe Siamese Kitten.jpg
Snowshoe Kitten

Oh damn! Is she the long lost sister of Grumpy Cat?! Keep in mind folks, if you wan't to get a cat, better avoid these Snowshoe kitties. You never know how you will end up with a killer cat or a mad scientist kitty in your house.
As of his February 2011 appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, Dusty had stolen 16 car wash mitts, 7 sponges, 213 dish towels, 7 wash cloths, 5 towels, 18 shoes, 73 socks, 100 gloves, 1 pair of mittens, 3 aprons, 40 balls, 4 pairs of underwear, 1 dog collar, 6 rubber toys, 1 blanket, 3 leg warmers, 2 Frisbees, 1 golf club head cover, 1 safety mask, 2 mesh bags, 1 bag of water balloons, 1 pair of pajama pants, 8 bathing suits, and 8 miscellaneous objects.
That's a reaaaaaaally long list there, and I understand if you skipped it. But I'd like to mention some objects that our Klepto Kitten stole.
  • dog collar - was that dog slipping or what?
  • blanket - how in the name of gods can a cat carry a blanket? Or was it a tiny one?
  • 4 pairs of underwear - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
He earned the nickname Klepto Kitty after bringing home more than 600 items from the gardens he prowled at night.

I start feeling like this cat was trained to steal. BUSINESS LESSON TIME!
  1. Get a cat
  2. Teach it burglary
  3. Profit!
He has been caught on camera carrying home a bra.
Oh that's a really perv cat. But that's OK, cause when a cat does this it's all fun and stuff, but when you do this as a man people start giving you some "What the ..." looks.
His first two years of life were uneventful, but in 2008, his owners began to notice household objects that did not belong to them appearing in strange places
If I were to notice household objects not belonging to me, I would freak out and call a priest. And then I would call an exorcist. And then a priest-exorcist-extrasense. And last, I'll look into my cat's eyes and ask: Did you do this?

Oh wait, I don't have a cat...
Although his thievery began in 2008, Dusty didn't really receive notoriety outside of his neighborhood until the Animal Planet show Must Love Cats aired a profile of him in February 2011. The "Must Love Cats" crew was able to set up a motion-triggered night vision camera and catch Dusty in the act of bringing home his spoils.
Poor kitty got busted. I hope she was not carrying some underwear that time.
Some of his unclaimed stolen items were displayed and sold.
Flashback to the above business lesson I gave you. That's the business plan for it. Sell the unclaimed items at an artificially inflated price because they were stolen by a burglar cat.
To keep his fans up to date with his finds, his owners maintain his Facebook page and provide pictures of the items that Dusty brings home.
May be funny if this cat steals your Sponge Bob underwear. And then you find it displayed on that page. I was too lazy to look for it (for the page, not underwear ;) ), but if you find it (the page!) please post the link in comments so others can also see it.