List of common misconceptions

Back with another cool article for you guys! This time it's a cool list about common misconceptions. And boy was I shocked while reading it... Because it's a really long Wikipedia article I'll include only a part of it here, but it seems like I'll have to approach it in the future again. Let's go!

1. Despite being referenced commonly in culture and society at large, the idea that Victorian Era doctors invented the vibrator to cure female 'hysteria' via triggering orgasm is a product of a single work rejected by most historians.

No comments here... let's jump to the next one.

2. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was not caused by Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicking over a lantern. A newspaper reporter invented the story to make colorful copy.

Did not hear about this Great Chicago fire. But these 3 words: great, fire and cow in one sentence make me think I should write something about it in the future.

3. Egg balancing is possible on every day of the year, not just the vernal equinox, and there is no relationship between astronomical phenomena and the ability to balance an egg.

Egg balancing
Darryl E. Clarke, Wikipedia

Oh the things people do when they have too much time. Oh no, not again! SPONTANEOUS PHOTO EDITING DESIRE.
Criminal egg balancing
Eggs doing criminal stuff

BOOM! If you see the criminal egg, You better for pardon beg!

4. Earwigs are not known to purposefully climb into external ear canals, though there have been anecdotal reports of earwigs being found in the ear.

Oh man why did I find out about this so late... So many earwigs lives could have been spared...

5. Hand size does not predict human penis size.

*guys checking and measuring their hands now*

6. Pregnancies from sex between first cousins do not carry a serious risk of birth defects.

Good news for Alabama!

7. Vaccines do not cause autism or autism spectrum disorders.

Now take this one antivaxers! How many more times do you need to be told this stuff?

8. A penny dropped from the Empire State Building will not kill a person or crack the sidewalk (but it could cause injury).

Yes, it can't, thanks to air resistance. In an environment without air the same penny can reach a speed up to ~320km/h (220mph for my American friends), which is pretty dangerous.

9. Toilet waste is never intentionally jettisoned from an aircraft.

Of course it's not. What's it, a pigeon to shit on peoples' heads?

10. You can't breathe while you smile.

This one is mine, and I hope that I made you smile! Thanks for reading and have a nice day folks!