Mariko Aoki phenomenon or the urge to defecate in a bookstore

Found these days some interesting & funny Wikipedia articles and decided to share my thoughts after reading them with you. Let's start with this one Mariko Aoki phenomenon .

The Mariko Aoki phenomenon (青木まりこ現象 Aoki Mariko genshō) is a Japanese expression referring to an urge to defecate that is suddenly felt after entering bookstores.

Yeah with these kind of fears no wonder e-books became so popular... let's see what else can we find in this gem.

According to Japanese social psychologist Shozo Shibuya, the specific causes that trigger a defecation urge in bookstores are not yet clearly understood (as of 2014).

Those asses must be up to something.... Imagine feeling all that paper around that could wipe you to blood....

There is also a theory on the Internet that seeks to pin the cause on a conspiracy by the paper manufacturing industry. According to this theory, the industry mixes large quantities of certain chemical substances into books and other paper products handled in day-to-day life, and these chemicals have the effect of stimulating the defecation urge, which increases the demand for toilet paper.

Yeah why not sticking a conspiracy theory here. They also ad those chemicals in food cause it also makes you defecate.

... a theory was put forward that a conditioned defecation urge may be related to the trauma of a childhood experience, specifically, that the urge results from the flashback of a childhood memory of the embarrassment of soiling oneself in front of a public toilet.

This is totally explainable if you had to deal with this book in your childhood.

Another well-known theory is that which states that a person entering a bookstore may feel psychological stress from worrying about what to do if they need to go to the toilet but there isn't one in the store

No need to worry, here is the solution:

  1. Pull the damn pants down.
  2. Hatch the shit on the floor.
  3. Profit

Written in the memory of those who suffer from this syndrome and work as book sellers. May your asses be strong!