Squirrels cause massive electrical disruptions, are they going to take over the world?

Great to see you again folks! Let's see what's up with these squirrels that cause electrical disruptions. You can read here the original Wikipedia article. And it may seem to you that these are random cases, that it's only the squirrels doing their stuff, that it's normal because they are rodents but NO!

I discovered their plan and how they intend to take control of the world! Continue reading to get informed and share this article so others know who is preparing to take control of the world!
Electrical disruptions caused by squirrels are common and widespread, and can involve the disruption of power grids.
The keywords here are "common" and "widespread". See how critical it is? Our daily life is based on electricity, without it we will be weak and helpless, thus it will be easy to defeat us!
It has been hypothesized that the threat to the Internet, infrastructure and services posed by squirrels may exceed that posed by terrorists.
It's bad, it's really bad folks... What else can I say here?
Instances of power grid shutdowns caused by squirrels have been tabulated.
Good to know people are taking at least some measures to prevent this. Keeping a record of all the shutdowns will allow us to find the areas of danger and prepare our defensive!
Electrical grids are not the only types of infrastructure at risk from squirrels, but nuclear weapons sites have also been described as targets of squirrel attention.
That's... that's the thing that I was fearing the most! They can launch the WW3 and make us fight each other until no human is left alive and they can rule the world! And eat our food...
Squirrels damage electrical distribution facilities by tunneling, by chewing through electrical insulation, or by simultaneously coming into contact with two conductors at different electrical potentials.
Great! Now we know how they are destroying the power lines. We also know what are the danger zones so we can start working on defense!
The APPA has developed a data tracker called "The Squirrel Index" (TSqI) to analyze the pattern and timing of "squirrel attacks" on electrical power systems.
Even better! I'd suggest you also train a neural network so it can predict where all the attacks will happen! I have an assumption that these zones may have nut trees somewhere nearby.
A squirrel took out power to Nasdaq's automated trading computer in 1987. The stock exchange went without power for 90 minutes. Twenty million trades were affected.
*Nasdaq - second largest stock exchange in the world where company shares are traded, with a market cap of 10 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) $. For those of you who still doubt, here is one more proof. They want to cause a stock market crash so people who invested in companies lose their lifesaving, companies will cut their expenses and stop growing, the world will enter a stagnation period, crimes will become a normal thing and our civilization will enter a dark era and the squirrels will take over the world! And they will laugh at us like despicable villains!
Similar concerns exist in Germany, where in 2005, a "cyber squirrel" crippled the entire electrical grid south of the River Elster for an hour.
See?! It's worldwide! Europe please be strong! We should resist! For now be sure to have difficult passwords so the damn squirrels can't hack your social media accounts and expose your naked photos. Cyber squirrel please don't attack my server! You see, I don't have many readers and your secret will remain safe here ^_^. Hope you enjoyed reading this article folks! If you find more proofs of this conspiracy theory don't hesitate to write them in comments, and share the article so others also become aware of what's happening in the world!